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Audio Module For Arduino Records 11 Minutes and Playbacks Multiple Sound Bites!

If you are looking for an audio solution that can be used with the Arduino or standalone to record longer than 60 seconds, check out HQ Audio. The HQ Audio is essentially an audio recorder/playback module that allows you to record almost 700 seconds (11 minutes) of audio, playback up to 8 different sound bites and superimpose your own voice!

With more than 11 minutes of recording room, you can do anything from recording cool sound bites using the PC to cool Arduino projects such as voice activated doorbells, alarm systems, etc.

The HQ Audio module features a microcontroller, an external audio input, onboard microphone, 8 momentary push buttons, record/playback switch, audio output (to plug in a set of speakers), speaker connection and a pin rail to connect your Arduino.

The module board can play one really long message or up to 8 different messages via four modes of operation: single message mode, two message mode, four message mode and eight message mode.

You get two power options onboard also, which include a 5mm power socket (for an ac to dc adapter) and power terminal block with V+ (from 7.5volts to 12 volts) and Ground for the DC ground.