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Diamond Shape LED Speaker With Woofer Tube & App Remote Control!

Shaped like a Diamond, hence its name, the Diamond+ is a portable stereo speaker light with dedicated left and right speaker channels that uses a spherical resonance woofer to produce deep sound bass (around 160Hz).
Just like the Eye Bluetooth speaker, the Diamond+ Bluetooth speaker has no buttons so it's controlled entirely via the included remote control and/or the smartphone app. Pairing is easy and is automatically done when the Diamond speaker is powered on. Once paired, you will hear a beep.

Aside from Bluetooth, the Diamond+ speaker light can also be hooked up physically via the mini USB to USB/3.5 mm audio cable included.
The Diamond+ speaker charges in 4 hours and the built-in 1300mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery lasts around 8 hours on a full charge.
You can fully adjust the brightness of the lighting, as well as sync the lighting to the music. The Diamond+ speaker produces a rich bass that balances out nicely across the full sound spectrum.