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1byOne Shiatsu Heat Massage Pillow Therapy With Car Adapter!

After a long day sitting on a chair, a massage is something I definitely could do with everyday to distress and relief muscle tightness for general well being!
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Problem is, I never have time to pop down to a massage place to get a professional massage done but it looks I may have found the perfect compromise in a Shiatsu massage pillow! For what I gather, these types of massage pillows mimic the traditional Japanese massage called, the Shiatsu massage, which involves applying localized pressure to specific points on the body to relief pressure.
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This Shiatsu massage pillow I'm trying out as we speak is by 1byOne and has four massage balls which really do a great job at kneading you, just like a pair of hands.
1byOne's Shiatsu massage pillow is really the perfect home massager and it's giving me one of the best massage experiences ever.
adjustable strap and power cord
You can use it on a tensed lower back or stiff neck while laying down at home or sitting on the chair at the office. The unit is very sturdy so you can lie on it for a lower back massage without the massage nodes whir as if they're going to break.
1byOne's Shiatsu massage pillow is powered via mains electricity with the power cord coming off the back of the pillow. You can also power the unit while driving to work via the 12v cigarette socket. There is also an adjustable strap on the back of the massage pillow that you use to secure it to the headrest of your car chair.
AC and Car adapters
What's great about 1byOne's Shiatsu massage pillow is that it also has a heating massage feature so, you are essentially getting best of both worlds; regular massage plus heat massage.