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GrovePi+ Project 1: Fading Two LEDs Simultaneously!

I'm starting off my first electronic project with the GrovePi+  by fading one LED and then two LEDs at the same time. All the hardware required already comes with the GrovePi+ starter kit and I have already my Raspberry Pi network set up from my previous project with the GoPiGo robot car.

To login to the Raspberry Pi desktop, I use Windows' Remote Desktop Connection and type in the username (pi) and password (robots1234).
From there, it's just a simple case of accessing the example containing the source code of the LED Fade, which is already provided by Dexter Industries.

To run the code, I open up LX Terminal and enter cd Desktop/ followed by cd GrovePi/, cd Projects/, cd LED_Fade/. Then, enter sudo pyton to execute the code